“A personal testimonial to Jon too, as he made me feel completely at ease throughout the process and was a total professional. Trust and confidentiality were established from the off, which lead to really open conversations. This has genuinely resulted in a positive change at work, so a huge thank you from me.”

Caitlin, Account Manager, London

“My Atlas Coach was brilliant. I always felt like I had his undivided attention and felt like he was really listening. I never got the sense that he was thinking about what he was going to say next and rather that he was really in the moment with me. I also felt like he genuinely cared about my wellbeing and helping me find the right solutions. He never pushed me down any specific direction and always ensured I was the one that was providing the answers and solutions.”

Cara, Marketing Director, London

“I thoroughly enjoyed my three coaching sessions with Jon and found them incredibly useful. I came to each session with an area I wanted to chat through / improve in. By the end of each session I had walked through the issue and worked with Jon to find solutions / actions to improve. Jon is really easy to talk to and knows exactly how to shape the conversation to get the most out of the session. I’ll definitely be coming back for more! And I will be recommending to friends.”

Alex, Event Director, Devon

“Jon’s approach is brilliant, he is upfront, honest and his coaching style prompts you to consider options that you haven’t before, and he plays back your own thoughts and feelings you have shared in a way which allows you to look at them from a slightly new perspective. I would highly recommend coaching with Jon, even though I’ve only been doing this for a month, I have found immense value in it in terms of helping me to move forward.”

Jo, Charity Sector, Edinburgh

“My Atlas Coach was great at letting me speak allowing the conversation just to flow but then picking out the insightful points on one hand so we could drill down with each specific conversation to get to ultimately the core of the issue. He was encouraging but also challenging and gave me lots of ideas to think about so it was not just one way flow from me. I was very impressed as the sessions started off quite vague but always ended with clarity, focus and purpose as he said they would.”

Mike, Managing Director, Sussex

“Jon is a thoughtful and honest coach with an ability to ask insightful and probing questions to not only help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses but crucially how these can be used to realign your career goals and personal focus.”

Graham, Shipping Executive, Cyprus

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