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We believe in the importance of real world experience, of having lived and learnt. Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and has experience in the field of coaching and facilitation, but importantly they combine this with real world experience from various industries and sectors, including event management, military service, market research, acting and HR. Ensuring that all our training and development is delivered with the aim of achieving realistic behavioural change.

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Our Team

Jon Hazan – Executive & Outdoor Coach

I have worked in many different management environments over the past 25 years. Exposing me to many different styles of leadership and provided valuable experience for my career as an Executive Coach ensuring theory is combined with the practicalities of real life situations.

As an Army Officer I received a year of intensive leadership training at RMA Sandhurst before serving for five years with my regiment. Following my military career, I worked for twenty years in the Sports Events industry designing and delivering Corporate Team Development events and large scale sports events around the world.

I specialise in focusing and preparing individuals and small teams at all levels for the challenges of management and leadership, working with the concept of ‘Leader as Coach’ or ‘Collaborative Leadership’.

My love of sports and the outdoors influences many aspects of my life and work. I am an accredited Langley Group Strengths Practitioner, a Mental Health First Aider and hold a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the AoEC.

Jo Dytch

Jo Dytch – Facilitator, Team & Culture Consultant

I have worked in the mass participation sports and events industry for the past 13 years. As such I have worked with small start-ups, businesses in periods of expansion, and large national organisations and been part of teams of all sizes as well as taking senior leadership roles.

I have delivered team training focussing on the growth and development of individuals within a team. I have also led and facilitated culture and team training for clients looking to grow as an international and diverse team.      

I believe that investing time in individuals, teams and a collective culture is critical to the success of any organisation, regardless of purpose or sector. People buy people, and that is often overlooked when the daily workload overwhelms us. Taking time to pause, reflect and build a strong team, with a solid foundation, should be the primary focus for every leader.

Niall Macgregor executive coach

Niall Macgregor – Facilitator, Executive Coach

Like Jon, my career began as an army officer, learning about great communication and balancing the demands of the goal with the needs and capabilities of the people. I then trained as a professional actor, getting under the skin of human behaviour, before returning to leadership as a coach and facilitator.

Over the past twelve years, I have been designing and delivering one-to-one coaching and facilitating interactive and experiential leadership development programmes, combining skills and insights from my past and offering leaders and teams support across a vast range of challenges.

I enjoy helping leaders to build better self-awareness; to identify and leverage strengths; to communicate with impact; to grow in confidence and to be resilient.

I hold a British Psychological Society Test User Qualification and an accreditation to use the Schroder High Performance Management Competency framework.

Patrick O’Neill – Facilitator, Executive Coach

I have a background in human capital consulting and people development, where I successfully managed complex global projects.

I am driven by a belief that our working lives should be enjoyed, not suffered and that we can all achieve more than we think! My parallel career organising and managing challenge events allows me to put this into practise whereby participants push themselves further than they thought possible.

I hold an ILM Level 5 Coach and Mentor qualification and am a Social Styles accredited trainer (Tracom) and trained in Professional Trainer Techniques (ILM). I am also a qualified Mountain Leader which enables me to coach individuals and groups in more challenging environments where this is appropriate and practical.

Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond – Facilitator, Executive Coach

I have over 15 years’ experience providing insight to individuals and organisations as a facilitator. I focus on exploring my clients’ qualities, enhancing an understanding of themselves and raising awareness of the difference in other people.

I specialise in working with leaders, new line managers, developing teams, women, parents at work and graduates.

I am an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) Business and Personal Coach with an Applied Psychology background. I have experience working as an executive coach, a group and workshop facilitator, and a Learning & Development trainer.
I prefer a pragmatic approach, enabling people to mobilise their thinking and move towards the outcomes they want to achieve.