We recognise that each organisation’s needs are different.

From the first meeting to the final review we work with the client to ensure the solution fits their needs and the needs of their organisation.

We work together to identify the areas for development using a mixture of design meetings, staff interviews and optional profiling or questionnaires in order to design a programme that fits the client’s budget and objectives.

Our services utilise a mixture of coaching based theories and practices with practical application and experience to ensure the participants are fully engaged with the programme or session.

In addition to traditional forms of facilitation and one-to-one executive coaching we use innovative techniques such as outdoor coaching and team development exercises to ensure sessions are enjoyable and productive with the goal of creating dynamic, high performance teams and enhancing personal development.

We believe in the importance of review. Within a prescribed period, we will return to our clients to discuss how the programme has been adopted and what, if anything, needs to be changed or re-focused to ensure realistic and enduring change is achieved.

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Executive Coaching Programmes

A programme of at least eight hour long, one to one coaching sessions over a fixed period of time.

There is an initial ‘fact finding’ session between the coach and coachee to explain the process, roles, ethics, set expectations and objectives. This is then followed by a series of sessions delivered via a mix of online and face to face meetings with a final review at the end of the programme.

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Outdoor Coaching

A powerful combination of reflection and exploration in natural surroundings to suit 1:1 or group coaching formats. Designed to be an enjoyable and healthy part of a team day out or conference this creates an environment that encourages individuals and teams to explore their own values and those of their team and organisation with the goal of providing clarity, understanding and solutions.

Following an initial introduction session, participants are divided into small groups and guided on a walking route with questions to consider along the way. A review session at the end of the walk provides the opportunity for participants to share and explore their learnings.

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Career Transition Coaching

A programme of six hour long, 1:1 coaching sessions that can be adapted to reflect the client’s requirements and current situation in the career transition process. Sessions include; an exploration of current thinking and future goals, an examination of values, skills and motivations, and the creation of a practical action plan to achieving the client’s objectives.

The course is a mixture of co-active coaching and specific exercises, designed to give clarity of thought and create a clear roadmap to achieving desired goals and objectives. Clients have the option to include a Strengths Profile session (see below) if they wish to.

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Group / Team Facilitation

Our team of experienced facilitators works with small groups to explore the client’s chosen topic. Following an initial meeting to determine objectives, style, content, timings, and desired outcomes we will put together an agenda for the session and organise any required session deliverables or logistics required.

Previous topics include: creativity & innovation, improving communication skills, managing feedback, diversity and inclusion, organisational culture change & identity and presentation skills training. Additional elements may include; outdoor coaching sessions, team building exercises and team profiling.

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Management Training Programmes

Preparing employees for the challenge of management. Short training courses designed with the client’s objectives in mind. Courses are designed around the concept of co-active learning (learning through doing) offering insight and learning to employees preparing for management roles.

Topics include; becoming an inspirational leader, effective communication practices, presentation skills and building resilient teams with the aim of creating high performing managers for the modern workplace.

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Strength Profiling

Using the Strengths Profile tool built by the Langley Group, which utilises a combination of human flourishing, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, we are able to assess individual and group strengths in order to build a greater understanding of self and team dynamics.

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Self-Awareness Course

An online, self directed course that introduces students to the core components of self-awareness.

The course consists of 5 modules, each module exploring a different component of self-awareness. The course content consists of video and audio tutorials as well as accessible exercises for you to complete in your interactive workbook. By the end of the course, you will have achieved a clear awareness for each of these areas and created goals and objectives to help you make the behavioural changes you desire.

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